Friday, October 10, 2008

Third Session of Diversity Dialogue: International Interface on Personal and Political Themes

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Open Space organised the third session of its series Diversity Dialogue, "An International Interface on Personal and Political Themes" with students from thirteen countries and four continents, on Saturday, 18th October, 2008 at the Department of Philosophy. All foreign students belonged to the Heritage Institute of Languages, Lucknow. Some of the interesting responses to the questions asked at the session were as follows:

Is your perception of India after having lived here for some time now, any different from what it was before?

The main idea people have about India in the West or outside is one of a very respectable nation, culture and people. I think that concept has changed a little! People generally are very "selfish" and it's all about "me", getting my way done, others don't matter.
On the other hand, I think my respect has grown a lot in seeing how ready people are to persevere in pursuing what they dream, despite the competition and hardship.

What do you think is responsible for the global financial crisis?

I think the current global financial crisis shows or reveals some defects of the capitalistic system and financial management of the western countries.

What do you think is causing the Muslims to become increasingly aggressive across the world, more than any other religious community?

According to me, the only factor behind the aggression is the neglect the whole Muslim community suffers from just because of a few who indulge in terrorist activities. The whole community has to bear the grudge.

What is the most commonly held misconception about your country?

In my opinion it the perception that we are very traditional or orthodox. I think those who say this don't understand our traditional values fully. Out traditions have a very wide spectrum, and before saying anything about them, one must understand them properly.

Can the status of minorities in a country be considered the index of how successful it is as a democracy?

It definitely ought to be considered the index of its success.

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Carla said...

I really thing the Argentine flag is the prettiest one. And it is better when you find out the history behind. It was designed by Manuel Belgrano, an important person that is loved by Argentineans. When I was there, I rented furnished apartments in buenos aires and the Museum of National History was really close. I went there and learnt many interesting stories about the creation of the flag. Apparently, the first design did not succeed and the current flag is on of many that the inhabitants chose!