Sunday, December 14, 2008

Workshop on Energy Conservation

Be Energy Wise!

Make Energy-Efficiency a Way of Life and Reduce our Carbon Footprints
Protect our Environment

Save our Environment

Global Warming

On 16th December, 2008, the students of Nari Shiksha Niketan Post-Graduate College, Lucknow got an opportunity to display their creativity and concern in an interesting educational workshop on Energy Conservation and Environment Protection, jointly organised by Open Space and Prithvi Innovations and supported by Petroleum Conservation Research Association (PCRA),

It was an eye-opening experience for students, who not only got an opportunity to share their views about various environmental issues and problems but also got to learn interesting facts about Energy Conservation, Climate Change, Global Warming and Carbon Footprints in a very innovative manner. They got highly motivated and charged after the programme and resolved to bring changes in their daily habits, attitude and behaviour and adopt an energy-smart and eco-friendly lifestyle.

The workshop was conducted by the Secretary of Prithvi Innovations, Anuradha Gupta. Titled "Make Energy Efficiency a Way of Life and Reduce your Carbon Fotprints", the workshop sensitised the students to make the best of all available resources, as all natural resources and limited, hence very precious. Through interesting plays, experiments, short-documentary films, Anuradha Gupta discussed the various issues related to Energy Usage and Environment pollution, with a special focus on Climate Change and its relation with Energy Consumption Patterns. She engaged the students in an exercise called "Web of Life" and brushed up the strong interlinks between our lifestyle and environmental degradation and the serious multi-dimensional consequences it has (social, economic, political and environmental), affecting the health of all living beings on the Earth. The students were made aware of energy-smart behaviour, eco-friendly lifestyle and sustainable development.

The workshop ended on a very positive note as the students pledged to save petrol, diesal, LPG, electricity, etc., and thus reduce their carbon-footprints. The outstanding students were awarded gifts, mementoes and certificates for their active participation.

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