Monday, December 29, 2008

Mumbai Peace Concert dedicated to Jewish-Muslim Reconciliation

Centre for Communication and Development Studies, Pune organised a concert dedicated to world peace, especially Jewish-Muslim reconciliation, by the world's only Hebrew qawwali (traditional Islamic mystic music/singing tradition) singer, the Israeli Shye Ben Tzur, at the famous Kala Ghoda Festival (organised every year by The Times of India group) in Mumbai (formerly Bombay), India, on 7th February, 2009. The concert was held in and around the very precincts that were targeted in the recent Mumbai terror attacks of 26th and 27th November, 2008, near the Knesseth Eliyahu synagogue, Fort, just a kilometre away from the Chabad House where Rabbi Holtzberg and Mrs. Holtzberg were held hostage and killed. Thus it 's venue was very significant at this point.

The Israeli Musician & Singer Shye Ben Tzur reminds of the great 17th century rabbi turned sufi, the great Persian poet Sarmad (1590-1660) who supervised the Persian translation of the Torah for the voluminous work of comparative religion Dabistan-i-Mazaahib. A fair is organised every year at his tomb at the eastern gate of Delhi's grand mosque by his Muslim devotees.

A few of Shye Ben Tzur's videos can be seen on Youtube.



This sounds like a great idea!!
Perhaps they could also perform at the Jahan-e-Khusrau festival in Delhi.

nutsisnitin said...

Iv been listening to Shye Ben Tzur... And i must say hes awesome... We lucknow wallahs should also get to hear him live too... All the best for your efforts... Will pass on the message in the hope someone can be of help... Can i get an autographed CD.. LOL...