Thursday, April 16, 2009

In Dark Times

The Holocaust

Babri Mosque Demolition, 1992

Gujarat, 2002

Kandhmal, 2008

Bertolt Brecht

Gauhar Raza

Open Space
screened Gauhar Raza directed documentary-film
ज़ुल्मतों के दौर में (In Dark Times)
on Sunday, 19th April, 2009 at its premises in Lucknow.

Using Bertolt Brecht's poetry and footage from Nazi Germany and contemporary India the film puts together a persuasive argument about the ways in which Fascism grows and takes over society. It shows Hitler's rise to power through electoral process as an example, and subtly draws parallels between the conditions in Germany then and in India currently.

The screening was preceded and followed by discussions.

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aeon said...

Thank you for inviting me to such an enlightening program and the discussions that followed. I must say the program did succeed in considerably influencing me by its content and forced me to see beyond my misconceptions. Its true but I always looked upon Hitler as a person driven by the patriotic zeal. Having read ‘Main Kamph’ also forced me always to see things from his point of view, though I never seconded on his views and the atrocities against a certain sect, but I always thought that he wanted to pull Germany out of the misfortunes that it fell into after the WW1.
The program educated me about his absurd ideas and the level of his crime against humanity. It forced me to read and know about the other side of the picture as well. He definitely pushed Germany further into misfortunes with his actions. I now have realized that no zeal can be taken up as an excuse to commit a crime such hinenious as the one done by Adolf Hitler and any other group also who thinks idolizing itself on the Hitler’s propaganda of hate should be seriously condemned.
Meraj Ahmed