Saturday, January 23, 2010

Discussion on Secular Humanism

Open Space - Lucknow organised a discussion on Secular Humanism on Saturday, 23rd January, 2010 at the Academy of Mass Communication, during which excerpts from Dr. Khalid Sohail's From Islam to Secular Humanism: A Philosophical Journey, 2001, were read out and discussed. Some of Dr. Sohail's poems were also read out on the occassion:

My story
Is the story of an ordinary child
Who wanted to do extraordinary things in life

My story
Is the story of an ambitious teenager
Who had low socio-economic status
But high ideals

My story
Is the story of a caring adult
Who witnessed human suffering all around him
But dreamt of becoming a healer

My story
Is the story of a third world citizen
Who was brought up in ignorance and prejudice
But wanted to learn knowledge and wisdom
And raise people's social consciousness

My story
Is the story of a Muslim
Born in an unjust and violent world
Hoping to become part of creating
A just and peaceful world as a Humanist

My story
Is the story of a 20th century man
Living when humanity is at a crossroads
And has to decide sooner rather than later
To evolve or to die

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